Hope changes everything

Anandkala’s Story

This was more than a belly ache.  Anandkala’s abdominal pain was severe, chronic and kept her mostly bedridden.  Medical treatments brought little relief.  Praying at Hindu temples – no cure. To Anandkala, a young woman with hopes, dreams, and a desire to make a difference - destiny seemed to be a miserable life of pain and suffering. But we serve a risen Savior – and thanks to Jesus and to you for your partnership with CICM – Anandkala has been healed both spiritually and physically. Here’s how it happened…

A Christian friend invited Anandkala to a local CICM Gospel event.  She heard a message of hope.  She heard the Gospel in all its power.  She heard of Jesus – a man who loved her enough to die for her.  She heard of the miraculous resurrection of this Savior – and it all came together in her mind. Anandkala gave her life to Jesus.  She accepted his loving forgiveness and His mission to share the good news with others.  And she prayed – for spiritual and physical healing – she received both!

Growing in her discipleship, Anandkala said,

Through this experience, I came to know Jesus, and I want to bring this message to other people – we serve a God who heals!
— Anandkala

When 143 men and women recently graduated from Calvary International Bible Academy (CIBA), Anandkala was among them.  She’s been prepared to serve in CICM’s fast growing Women’s Ministry that impacts thousands of women each year! Anandkala’s story is far from over – but it is vastly different today because CICM exists.  CICM exists because you, and others like you, who pray and give generously.  As I write, there are 210 men and women currently enrolled, with 155 awaiting enrollment – each with stories very much like Anandkala’s – eager to be trained and prepared for ministry at CIBA.  Each student pays what they can, but few could cover the entire cost of their education. And that’s where you and I have an opportunity to step in once again – to invest in the next class of evangelists and ministry leaders.  They will learn and they will boldly preach the risen Savior where 97 in 100 have never, ever heard even the most rudimentary Gospel message.

Each student’s tuition per semester at CIBA costs just $660.00.  Would you be willing to underwrite the next Anandkala as she studies?  Or maybe you can provide a gift for 2 or 3, even 4 or 5 students. If your situation requires that you give less – know that your gift, combined with those of others will still make a significant impact in preparing men and women committed to share Christ where he is not known.

Regardless of how much you can give today – know that each time Anandkala tells of how her pain and suffering were transformed to joy and hope – you are, in a very real way, part of that story.  As always, thank you!.

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