Humanitarian Aid

Responding to emergency situations allows CICM to help those in immediate physical need. It is not unusual for natural disasters to occur in India. Due to extreme poverty and substandard infrastructure, when disasters occur, it causes a desperate situation for the victims. Often, these people lose everything they have. CICM partners with International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) to provide disaster relief after earthquakes, cyclones, floods, droughts and tsunamis. With the help of donations from our supporters and help from IDES, CICM has distributed food, clothing, drinking water, temporary shelter and medical care to thousands of people.  When distributing the immediate basic physical needs to disaster victims, CICM’s team also takes the opportunity to address their spiritual needs and share the love of Jesus with them. As a result, many churches have been planted after CICM has helped villages recovering from natural disasters. 

Humanitarian Aid projects