Please follow these links to download these videos:

1. CICM Ministry Overview: (1:24 mm:ss)

2. Bal Bhavan Children's Home: (3:25 mm:ss)

- Overview of CICM's Children's Ministry also featuring one of the seven Children's Home; Bal Bhavan, has to minister to children.

3. Testimony of Ashish: (1:20 mm:ss)

- Ashish is one of CICM's Child-Like-This that received help and hope through CICM's Children's Ministry

4. Evangelism Ministry: (1:49 mm:ss)

- CICM's evangelism and church-planting ministry featuring CICM's North East effort based in Darjeeling, West Bengal. Also, this video highlights CICM's bible college programs. CICM has three campuses and one of them is in Darjeeling.

5. Medical evangelism: (3:20 mm:ss)

- CICM medical evangelism based out of Madhya Pradesh, India.

6. Leper's Colony: (2:21 mm:ss)

- CICM's medical evangelism, community help and the church inside a leper's colony

7. Women's Ministry: (1:34 mm:ss)

- CICM's women's ministry in Lucknow India.

Also here is a link to the photos we used in our 2018 Christmas Catalog:

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