We'd like you to meet Koushailendra!


We'd like you to meet Koushailendra!

Koushailendra is 11 years old and lives with his parents in Madhya Pradesh. When he was 10 months old, he was playing and crawling around the kitchen area and fell asleep near the Chulha, which is the mud stove used in villages to cook food. His mother was busy around the house and didn’t realize that her son had fallen asleep next to the stove.

She heard Koushailendra screaming and crying and saw that he had burned his hand very badly. The family went to the Mission Hospital and received immediate treatment. One of the CICM pastors walked with them through the ordeal, and CICM provided financial help for the medical treatment.

Koushailendra is now in 6th grade and is doing well. He still has trouble using his right hand and most of his work is done with his left hand. He stays happy and is thankful to CICM for all the support and prayers.

Austin Coon